GEF SGP project “Popularization of Biomass in Georgia”


With the grant support of the GEF-SGP (Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Programme) the Biomass Association of Georgia will implement a project on biomass in two municipalities of Georgia: Dusheti and Tianeti. The project aims at promoting sustainable biomass fuels in these two municipalities, as an alternative and sustainable heating fuel derived from forest and agricultural residues. Additionally, it aims at raising awareness and interest around the region in using renewable energies as a way to fight climate change effects, involving communities in making decisions to increase the amount of renewable energy produced at a local level.

The main outcomes are as follows:

Outcome 1: Introduced/renovation of efficient heating systems for biomass combustion in boarding school by using readily available and sustainable biomass fuels

Outcome 2: Raised national capacity in the biomass sector, ensuring sustainability and further replication

Outcome 3: Increased awareness and acceptance, promoting the benefits of renewable energy and ensuring the visibility of project results