Rural Communities Development Agency

A Non-Governmental organization Rural Communities Development Agency was established in 1997 by a group of small farmers, farmers’ credit unions and farmers’ co-operatives, CBOs and NGOs, which are the main stakeholders in its activities. The members of the organization are 1200 physical persons and 74 legal entities. Mission: helping Build Empowered Sustainable Communities through fulfilling the potential of people by enlarging their capabilities, and enabling them to participate actively in their own development.  Go to Website

Wood Service

Wood Service Ltd was found in 1999 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2006 Wood Service initiated launching of a completely new technology for Georgia – vacuum-pressure treatment of timber. Preservation abilities of this technology enabled company to implement many environmentally significant large-scale projects (National parks, protected territories etc.).The main goal of Wood Service is to study and launch innovative and leading construction technologies based on sustainable development principles on a Georgian market. Wood Service will continue to offer many original services and products to architects, builders, and engineers in Georgia as well as neighboring countries. Go to Website