Promotion of Biomass Production and Utilization in Georgia

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and UNDP in cooperation  with Global Environment Facility started a new project - Promotion of Biomass Production and  Utilization in Georgia. The main goal of the project is to promote renewable energy use in  Georgia, for this purpose, biomass fuel production facilities and consumption by municipal  building will be co-financed. The maximum share of UNDP co-financing is 75%.  To get co-financing, transparent competition will be held which will be open to any interested  person. The project has been designed with the following plan: 1. Meetings with all interested parties will be held across the country. Future participants  will have an opportunity to meet project experts, ask questions and get qualified  answers. 2. At the end of the meeting, interested parties will have an opportunity to get project  application form which mush be filled out and sent to the project organizers till the  October 12, 2015.  3. After the reviewing application forms shortlisted candidates will be selected and asked to  present detailed business plan. During the business plan development process, they will  have an opportunity to have consultations with experts. 4. Presented business planes will be reviewed by special commission which will reveal one  or several winners. The winner will get co-financing till the end of the year 2015.  Schedule of meetings with experts in the regions, project details and any other additional  information can be found on the Facebook Page Tel: 032 2 377307 Experts: Levan Gogoladze Tel: 599 780067 Ucha Janelidze Tel: 593 138138 Beqa Dalakishvili Tel: 577 546655 Go to Website


Energocredit is a dedicated programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) aimed at supporting sustainable energy projects development in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Through Energocredit, the EBRD provides USD 125 million to local financial institutions in the Caucasus region, for on-lending to both local businesses and individuals implementing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy projects. With these funds, the programme aims to enhance the awareness for energy efficiency and to transfer skills to local financial institutions in sustainable energy lending. Thanks to the grant funding provided from the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility and the EBRD Shareholder’s Special Fund, successful projects and environmentally friendly investments will benefit from a 10 or 15% cash back of the loan amount. Additionally, high quality technical consulting is provided by international and local experts, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. Typical investments in Renewable Energy include: Biomass combustion in heat and/or combined heat and power plantsBiogas generation: heat-only and combined heat and power plantsSolar thermal collectors for hot water or steam generationGeothermal heat pumpsRun-of-river Hydro power plants (less than 10 MW) Go to Website


RERAM improves Resource Efficiency and Raw Material consumption of the forest-based sector in ENP Eastern countries by bridging the gaps between research and innovation via effective knowledge support for regional SMEs, research and authorities. Go to Website