Biomass energy use is becoming more and more popular in developed countries. Consumption of modern biofuels increases in heating and transport sector. Further Development of this trend is one of the main priorities of EU.

Considerable amount of biomass is available in Georgia but there is a lack of systematic information about biomass sources, technologies, regulations and standards. The main goal of the website is popularization of sustainable biomass use for energy and awareness rising of prospective users and Investors by providing necessary information in user friendly manner.

The website contains information about biomass sources, potential and use in Georgia as well as in other countries. It also describes modern technologies and interesting cases, regulations, standards and national legislation in this field. Users will also find information about companies who work on biomass issues and ongoing projects.

The long term perspective of the website is to become a platform for cooperation. Businesses and stakeholders are more than welcome to share the information and participate in website future development.